About SLOLite ERP

Best School ERP Solution – SaaS Service

Skolite started as stand alone open source application and now moving to SaaS version to provide quicker & more affordable School ERP solution (School Software) to the customers. The stand-alone system needs some technical knowledge to setup the app, requires domain & hosting setup too.

The major drawback of stand alone application is how it receive updates. While every customer need to update their application on regular basis. It might require technical knowledge to process an update and therefore leaving the customers in trouble.

SaaS version is not only cost effective but also save your time which is required during installation & update. You need not to worry about hosting, backup or update. The SaaS version is always remain up-to-date with latest version & you keep getting new features as & when released.

Today, Skolite is the most Comprehensive Complete School ERP, that helps you manage your school and improve the productivity multi fold. It reduces the time needed to put on administrative tasks, thus allowing an school to focus more on the students and there improvement.

A comprehensive SLOLite School Management Software (School ERP) with user friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well structured reports.


  1. Academics Module
    1.  Systematic Academic Hierarchy like Course Group, Course & Batch.
    2. History of Class Teachers & Subject Teachers record.
    3. History of Class Timing & Time Table
    4. Biometric Attendance
    5. Lesson Planing
  2. Students Information Module
    1. Admission Management
    2. Student’s Information/Record :
      including qualifications, documents, bank accounts, promotion & termination with history.
    3. Course Management for Students.
    4. Attendance Managment :
      Day Wise, Subject Wise & Session Wise.
    5. Communication & Notice Management:
      Announcement, holidays, notice for students and his/her parents.
    6. Daily Remarks
    7. Homework & Asignment
      assignment, Notes, Lession Plan & Syllaubs etc.
  3. Admin & Finance Module
    1. Fee Management:
      most flexible Fee Structure including Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quartlery, Half Yearly & Yearly installment.
      Late Fee according to due date with differet frequency
      Multiple Fee Reports like Fee Summary, Due, Concession & Payment Report.
    2. Transport Management
    3. Communication Managment:
      Email Service, SMS Service, Push Notification etc.
    4. Library Managment
      Book management, issue, return etc.
    5. Inventry Managment:
      Stock item manage, Vender, purchase, transfer etc.
    6. Utility :
      Todd list, notice, News & Events, Circular , Celebration etc.
  4. Staff Infromtion Module
    1. Employee Information
    2. Employee Attendance
    3. Payroll
  5. Exam Module
    1. Exam Schedule
    2. Report Card
    3. Online Exam
    4. Marks Records & Topper Reports