SKOLite ERP- Exam Module

It is most essential to gauge the performance of every individual student and examinations pose the best and most ideal opportunity to do so. The school may determine the progress of every student in different respects and hence makes it very important. Our module is highly user-friendly and is highly compatible with CBSE, CISCE, IB, and IGCSE Boards. The concerned authorities at the school may enter marks, grades, and remarks.

Moreover, the school may generate and print customised Report Cards as per their requirements. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published online and on Mobile Application. The school may extract Teachers’ Performance Report and can help the school to carry out Graphical and Range Analysis as well.

What is most admirable aspect of this module is that the school may undertake the comparison of the students performance across years and also with their counterparts. Further, CBSE Result Analysis in txt file format can be imported.