How it works

Buy a Domain, Sign Up at Skolite

To get started, You need to buy a domain first. Get a domain of your choice with your favorite domain registrar. Next, You need to create an account with Skolite. Sign Up & verify your account. Login into your account, Configure your branding, payment gateway & generate an API Key if you wish to offer Sign Up feature to your clients on your website.

Design your Website

Do you like WordPress or Joomla? Design your website in any technology, be it WordPress, Joomla, PHP, ASP, JSP or any other technology. Being your own Boss, you can design as many pages as you want. Your website will be 100% in your control. No need to give credit to anyone. Design a Sign Up page for clients (Optional), use the API Key to integrate your website with Skolite. Here is a bonus! If you don’t want to have a Marketing Website, You can also skip this step or you can design it whenever you want.

Update DNS Record

Go back to domain registrar & update your domain DNS Records as mentioned in your Skolite account. A step by step guide is available in your Skolite account. It hardly takes 30 seconds to update the DNS Records. Once updated, add your domain to your account. It will automatically verify your DNS & make your domain ready to serve InstiKit. If you are stuck in-between, Do not worry! Call us or Email us. We will be happy to assist you! If everything is green, then you are good to go!

Create Plan, Buy Single or Multiple License

Create multiple plans as you wish, set student limit, pricing etc. Buy license any time when you have client or Buy license in bulk in advance. There are no long term commitments. Get upto 12 Month activation period to activate your license. Every license validity (Usually 12 Month) will start only once you activate that license.

Claim a Forever Free Demo account

Get a forever free account ready with hundreds of demo data. This forever free account belongs to you only! Show it to your client, let him know how he can make best use of InstiKit. Setup your own pricing, either Monthly or Annually! Get your client ready to purchase a License.